Culture Shift: How Are LGBTQ Young People Shaping the Future?

State of Out Youth

State of Out Youth highlights the work that LGBTQ young people are doing to shape the future.

“All organizing is science fiction. When organizers imagine a world without poverty, without war, without borders or prisons—that’s science fiction. They’re moving beyond the boundaries of what is possible or realistic, into the realm of what we are told is impossible.” —Walidah Imarisha.

Often times LGBTQ people are put on the margins of society and we bring ourselves to the center through our very existence, passion, and vision. In the year 2018, LGBTQ youth and young adults are challenging and changing the way society views gender, sexuality, and self-expression. On September 18, the True Colors Fund and GLSEN hosted State of Out Youth to highlight and center the work that LGBTQ young people are doing to change the world around them and shape the future.

LGBTQ young people have the power to re-imagine our worlds and manifest what we are told is impossible. Our society is so fixed on binaries that they are even placed in terms of how we can envision our worlds. We are given Utopia, a perfect fantasy world that often seems out of touch with reality, and Dystopia, in which we are doomed. State of Out Youth imagines another reality: “Protopia,” where every day is better than yesterday, because every day you work towards the world you want to see.

On September 18, we travelled into the lives of the real-life superheroes who are making change in their communities and imagining a better world for LGBTQ people. Watch video from the event here!